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Coffee Brewing - Aeropress

A style of immersion brewing that has gained great popularity for its affordability and compact size but mainly due to its versatility. Like a cafetiere the coffee grounds are soaked in hot water but for a shorter amount of time and so needs a finer grind size, somewhere between espresso and filter. Water is pushed through the coffee using an air tight plunger using a column of air. Unlike espresso and cafetiere, it uses a paper filter and with the quick brewing time results in a smooth brew which is low in acidity.

It can make an espresso-style drink but also a longer filter-like drink, which means its great for those who like to experiment with their brews. Grind size, brew ratios and brew time can all be adjusted to affect the flavour and body of the coffee to the extent of inspiring the world aeropress championships. Competitors enter a tournament to showcase their own techniques and recipes in making the best Aeropress coffee.

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