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Coffee Brewing - Chemex

Chemex is a manual method of creating filter coffee, and like a drip filter it can make several cups at once. The water is poured over the ground coffee by hand, enabling greater control over the flow of water over the coffee, but makes it a more time consuming process.

The chemex uses a thicker filter paper than other methods and is recommended for coffee lovers who prize flavour clarity over body. The thick filter paper means it does the best job of trapping the coffee solids and oils which can mask flavour but results in a thinner body. As a piece of equipment, the Chemex is beautiful and perfect for the aesthetically minded coffee lover, or those who need to serve several guests but still appreciate the hands on approach.

To get the best results try a coarser grind because the thicker filter will slow the water flow. Add enough water to wet the coffee through and allow to 'bloom'. This is the term to describe the rapid release of gases after hot water is introduced to ground coffee, you might even want to stir the coffee whilst blooming to help the water evenly soak it though.

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