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Coffee Brewing - Drip Filter

Drip filter machines are a convenient way of brewing coffee for several cups at once, great for serving large households or in the work place. They gained popularity in the 1970's as an improvement on percolators and for their ease of use. Simply fill with water, place a paper filter in the basket, add the coffee and press the button to start brewing. The heated water then gradually drips though the basket and fills a pot underneath with coffee.

They also started earning themselves a bad reputation for unpleasant, stale tasting brews and their popularity diminished somewhat. Consumers turned more towards even more convenient methods such as cafetiere and instant coffee.

Today though, drip filter machines are enjoying a comeback and dispelling their reputation for cheap and nasty coffee. Coffee from a drip filter can actually be very good. If you leave coffee sitting on a hot plate, even for half an hour, then the brew will oxidise and become stale. That once clean tasting cup will go bad. If time is an issue then use an insulated thermos carafe to extend the life of your coffee.

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