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Coffee Brewing - Espresso

Espresso is the most complex method of preparing a coffee, and probably the most rewarding! It is produced by forcing hot water under pressure through a bed of finely ground coffee. This results in a shot of concentrated liquid with a foam-like crema on top. Due to the pressure involved, espresso contains a large amount of dissolved solids and gases but also coffee oils that all contribute to its complex taste. It's this that is then used as base for the drinks found on a coffee shop menu.

There is no doubt to the reason why espresso coffee shops have gained such popularity to the team here at Limini Coffee. The need for quality equipment used with skilfull precision and combined with artful presentation means producing a caffé latte or cappuccino at home is a big undertaking. Even if you could, you would likely be missing out on the hospitable atmosphere and the sense of community that coffee shops offer.

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