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Coffee Origin - Costa Rica

Costa Rica produces only Arabicas, the most common being Typica, Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, Bourbon & Gesha. It was first introduced to Costa Rica’s Central Valley in the 1700's and continues to be grown mostly on small farms. Coffee is inextricably linked to Costa Rica's history and cultural identity.

Having high altitudes, fertile soil and many micro climates ranging over its 8 growing regions of Tarrazú, West Valley, Central Valley, Tres Rios, Brunca, Orosi, Turrialba and Guanacaste means assigning a general flavour description to Costa Rican coffee is difficult, as each each produces different characteristics. Good examples though display a clean acidity as the washed method is most common, farmers take their harvest to private or cooperative owned mills to undergo this process.

The honey process has also gained great popularity due to the resulting sweet, berry like flavours. Honey process entails beans are dried with some amount of the sticky mucilage from the coffee cherry still left on after pulping. Costa Rica's reputation for excellent coffee partly comes from its fast response to the needs of the speciality market. Coffee is highly traceable here, able of being identified back to the farm or estate it was grown and the mill it was processed.

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