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Coffee Origin - India

Indian coffee production is focussed in the furthest southern regions of the country but others areas are now expanding to match consumer demand. Still, 90% of the 349,000,000 kilos produced are grown in Karnataka, Kerela and Tamil Nadu on small farms of less than 25 acres. Robusta still dominates with only 30% of coffee grown being arabica, typically Catimor, Kent, Caturra, S795 and S9.

Primarily grown in shaded conditions along side other crops like banana, pepper and ginger under varying degrees of rainfall and altitude, ranging from 700-200m, which lends nuances to the flavour of Indian coffee. Good examples are medium to full bodied with low acidity. Often described as being chocolatey or spicy and big on aroma.

What is most remarkable about Indian coffee is a process unique to them named 'monsooned' coffee. Green coffee which has been dry processed will be stored in open sided warehouses along the coast. Exposed to tropical air for a few months, the coffee absorbs moisture which results in a bolder body and muted acidity. For this reason we add Monsoon Malabar to Limini Blend to give weight to it's distinctive rich taste.

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