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Find us    Email us     01274 911 419
Limini Coffee

Coffee Supplier & Speciality Roaster

Need delicious coffee and a supplier that you can trust?

We are a speciality coffee supplier and roaster based in Yorkshire with customers nationwide providing a friendly and professional service.

Proudly roasting and supplying speciality coffee to coffee outlets for over 15 years. And proudly independent.

We roast coffee every day and use a state of the art coffee roaster which produces delicious smooth rich coffee.

Buy Coffee Online

Here you can buy coffee online for your business or for at home.

As a coffee roaster we have a range of espresso blends, single origin coffees, decaffeinated coffee and a Limited Edition.

Ordering your coffee online with us is easy and we offer next day delivery. We also offer subscriptions and repeat orders.

Our Best Sellers

Limini Blend
Rimini Blend

Reviews from our lovely customers

Currently my favourite coffee. Their Kata blend is excellent, consistent and brilliant crema. Works superbly with milk. Price point is really good too, as some equivalents are £10 more. Great local West Yorkshire coffee crafters. - Graham Proucher

Training Courses

We have been teaching since 2008 and run courses every day.

From barista training and latte art courses to our unique "How to start a coffee shop course".

Training is done at our roastery in Yorkshire and includes a tour.

Did you know that we provide FREE OF CHARGE training to all our customers? We teach our customers multiple times each week the art of coffee.

Training courses about coffee

Espresso Machines

As a coffee supplier we supply the beautiful Vostok from Naples and the La Spaziale espresso machines from Bologna for your coffee business.

We offer the full service to help you find the best espresso equipment for your coffee business.

You benefit from our super sharp pricing, leasing deals, wide range and expertise.

Commercial espresso machines

A coffee and a good read

What is better than a novel and a delicious cup (or mug) of coffee? Well, a delicious cup (or mug) and an article about coffee!

We write articles about coffee that we think are interesting and help you to become a better coffee person.

Compact vs normal size machines

What really is the difference between a compact and a standard size machine.

Espresso machine
Guide to espresso equipment

Our comprehensive guide on choosing the correct equipment for your espresso drinks.

Bean to cup
Difference between an espresso machine and a bean to cup

Why we here prefer traditional espresso coffee machines.

Coffee roaster
Bean to cup coffee machines

We work with British brand Bestir for all our bean to cup machines.

Super easy to use. Excellent pricing. Reliable.

Bean to cup coffee machines

We work with British brand Bestir for all our bean to cup machines.

Super easy to use. Excellent pricing. Reliable.

Project Waterfall child
Ethically sourced coffee

The supply chain in the world of coffee is extremely important. We work with importers who have sound environmental practises such as Falcon Coffee.

Directly we support a small number of charities who help the coffee growers to improve their livelyhood such as Project Waterfall and World Coffee Research.

You can help! By purchasing our coffee you are in essence donating a small percentage each time to the World Coffee Research.

During the checkout you can also add our Coffee Charity Beans. Whatever you add, we will match and donate directly to charities.

World Coffee Research
Project Waterfall
Limini Coffee
Training Courses

We have been teaching people from all over the world about coffee since 2008.

We run training courses every day - courses that are fun and extremely useful.

How to start a coffee shop
Unique course designed for those who are thinking of opening a coffee shop. Our course has been running for over 15 years.

Barista training
Fun, professional and taught by knowledge friendly barista trainers.

Latte art training
Perfect your skills and understand milk and latte art pouring techniques.

Advanced barista training
Barista training for the true professionals.



We also offer consultancy for coffee shop owners.

More Than Coffee

As a wholesale coffee supplier we do more than just coffee even though coffee is really our thing!

View our range of chocolates, teas and more in our online shop.


Wholesale Coffee Supplier

Limini Coffee is a wholesale coffee supplier and roaster based in West Yorkshire that specialises in wholesale coffee beans, barista training & commercial espresso machines. We are truly passionate about speciality coffee beans and our focus is on supplying wholesale coffee beans to like minded coffee people in the UK.

If you are looking for a coffee supplier for your business then please read more about it here.

We supply coffee as a coffee supplier to businesses all over the U.K. and we would love to hear about you!

Wholesale coffee


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