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Dropshipping coffee

We offer a complete dropshipping service for you. This means that we roast, pick and ship your order DIRECTLY to your customer.

You can have labels on coffee, tea and chocolate.

We offer dropshipping for coffee shops, online coffee brands, subscription coffee services and more.

There is no set up charge and there are no monthly charges.

Bespoke white labelling for coffee
Your own online shop
Why a dropshipping service

Many of our customers, coffee shops for example, are busy serving coffee every day in their shop. Fulfilling orders themselves and dispatching these orders takes time.

We feel that by offering a dropshipping service we can really help.

Dropshipping our coffee is also a great way to earn a relatively passive income. You will still need to create your own online shop however you will have the benefit of working with an established coffee roaster.

Wholesale coffee
Will the customer know that the order is from Limini?

No, your customer will not know that we roast and dispatch for you. We do not add a delivery note with the order and the dispatch labels will not mention Limini Coffee.

We allow you to sell any product that is on our webshop under your own name.
White labelling is available for all coffee, tea or chocolate.

Avoid sending digital tracking information to your customers as that can be traced back to us.

Coffee dropshipping
Dropshipping example bag

Some important points

  • Our labels are 10 by 14 cm
  • The packaging has one label on the front
  • The back of the packaging has a batch code sticker and dates
  • There is no bleed (we can print to the edge)
  • You can design the labels yourself using free software such as LibreOffice Draw
  • You can copy our descriptions
  • There is no minimum order
  • There is no set up charge
  • You only pay for the orders that you place
  • Dropshippers receive customised pricing which you see once your account has been approved
  • Shipping cost is calculated at the checkout
  • Orders need to be placed via the webshop
  • Orders can be imported directly from Shopify and Woocommerce however you will need to log in to place your orders (not automated)

Trading standards rules

  • It must state the size (250g, 500g or 1kg) (or leave space and we can print this onto the label for you)
  • It must state the type (beans, ground) (or leave space and we can print this onto the label for you)
Dropshipping example bag

Start dropshipping now

Dropshipping coffee is a fun and great way to start an online business or to complement an existing one. We make it easy for you.

1. Start by start setting up your dropshipping account by clicking the button below.

2. Once logged in go to your product list and upload your labels (look for the guidelines for creating your labels).

3. Promote your brand, generate your orders in whichever way works for you (via ecommerce, social media, in person) and start placing your orders.

Let's get started


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