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the Barista Training Course

You will learn in a relaxed way how to produce the finest coffees possible. We work towards competition levels and enjoy introducing you to the beautiful art of coffee.

We teach every day and our trainers are here to answer all your questions about coffee. We believe in learning at a relaxed pace and in an enjoyable way. That said, we aim for the highest standards and will introduce you to the most delicious coffees.


Barista course: ideal for anyone

The barista course is ideal for people who are just starting in coffee and know nothing about coffee except how to drink it. Yet the course will also be really helpful for baristas who have been making coffee for a while yet have never had training from us before.

We have trained many people who have been making coffee for years and felt they learnt so much during the course. The course is really good for anyone and a lot of fun too. During the training you will learn the most important essential barista skills. We will teach you what coffee is, how it grows and how it is harvested. We explain how coffee is roasted and we talk about freshness and packaging.

You will learn a lot about producing the finest espressos and we run you through the process step by step. This means you will learn how to calibrate a coffee grinder, how to use good dosing techniques, how to tamp the coffee and look for the perfect extraction.

Customer pouring coffee
  • coffee growing & roasting
  • freshness and packaging
  • all about espresso & pulling shots
  • setting up a coffee grinder
  • setting up an coffee machine
  • ristretto
  • long black & americano
  • milk steaming to perfection
  • cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte
  • espresso macchiato
  • caffe mocha
  • hot chocolate
  • latte art - heart or rosetta shape
  • cleaning and maintenance
Perfect your milk steaming skills

We spend a lot of time steaming milk and pouring cappuccinos and caffe lattes. Probably 50% of the course is spent on perfecting milk steaming and pouring drinks.

After all, most of the drinks you will sell are cappuccinos and caffe lattes. And we will even introduce you to latte art.

Barista training is hands-on

The course is very much hands-on, designed to make sure that you are comfortable with the equipment and the coffee. You often make over 50 drinks per course!

Barista trainer

Our barista training centre

The barista training is held at our dedicated training facility and roastery in Yorkshire. We have built a training centre solely for the purpose of barista training. The training centre is full of beautiful equipment and barista brewing tools and we even have a coffee roaster.

Our training centre is designed so you feel relaxed and is an ideal environment for learning. We have all the equipment you need to learn all about coffee. See the contact page for the exact address. The training is designed so that each student has a workstation to themselves. Very hands-on with very close supervision by the barista trainer.

Reviews from our lovely customers

Limini's customer service, friendliness, knowledge and order dispatch times are all top class! Will definitely be ordering from them again

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Barista Workshop - 4 hours

Our barista workshop is run every Thursday. The course is perfect for those who are happy to learn in a group environment and is designed for people who are wanting to work in coffee. Work with your own station and get ready to make a lot of coffee. It's great fun!

Group course
£50 + vat


Private Course - 3 hours

A private course with just you and the trainer. You will have the barista trainer all to yourself.

Barista training (1-on-1)
£175 + vat

BOOK (am)

BOOK (pm)

Barista training (2-on-1)
£225 + vat

BOOK (am)

BOOK (pm)

Private Course - Full Day

A private course with just you and the trainer for the whole day (includes a little lunch).

Barista training and latte art (1-on-1)
£250 + vat


Barista training and latte art (2-on-1)
£350 + vat



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