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Commercial espresso coffee machines for coffee shops, restaurants and delis

La Spaziale S40 3 groupDeciding on equipment and especially a commercial coffee machine can be a rather difficult decision and we totally understand this. It doesn't have to be though. You just need to make sure that you are speaking to the right people who understand your needs. We have been working with the highly respected La Spaziale espresso machines for many years and are the main UK distributor. If you need a high quality espresso machine at a great price then a La Spaziale will take care of this!

There are so many different coffee machines out there so please let us help you to make the right choice. We have worked on most makes and models and understand what is important when it comes to espresso coffee.

Our prices are extremely competitive and you can have any of the equipment on a purchase lease making it easy for you to find the most suitable machine. This is the preferred choice by many of our customers.

Interested in learning more about espresso coffee machines? Then why not
read our guide on espresso machines

We invite you to come and see us at our training centre. We would love to host you for a couple of hours and will demonstrate the equipment to you, serve you more coffee than you can handle and talk about your options. Of course we can help you out over the phone as well and no question is a problem... unless you ask for vending machines :)


OUTSTANDING - After a meeting with Youri last week to have a look at the machines I knew 100% that today's Barista training course would blow me away!.....It certainly did! And even more. 1 on 1 training for three hours I feel as tho I have learnt so much and feel that Youri has now given me a massive edge over my competitors all I need is a little more wrist action with my rosettes!! Lol Massive thanks Youri and your so welcoming and friendly team top man!!! - Kenny

La Spaziale

Stylish high quality espresso coffee machines built by hand in Bologna, Italy. La Spaziale have been building machines since 1969 and use a patented heat exchanger based on steam. The narrow and deep group heads produce extremely flavoursome coffees and the design is always with the barista in mind. Lever operated steam wands and useful displays help the barista to be in control of the coffee.

La Spaziale has been the official espresso machine for the UK Barista Championships.

View the inner workings of a La Spaziale espresso machine.

Interested in seeing how a La Spaziale machine is built? Read about the story.


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La Spaziale S40

La Spaziale S40 - SELETRON

The La Spaziale S40 Seletron is the 'digital' model of the S40 range. The large main display gives digital readings to the barista such as boiler temperature, water levels and pump pressures. The good thing about this espresso coffee machine is that the Seletron can accurately record any issues and feed this back to the barista. The digital system also gives you some fantastic options such as a fully customisable on/off timer so you can program the espresso machine to come on and off on a specific day of the week.

The Seletron also has extra safety features. For example, it has overfill protection to prevent the boiler from flooding and it has a boost function to work hard when the machine is put under pressure.

The group heads have LCD displays which not only show you the extraction time, but also tells you whether the grind requires adjusting. When programming the volumetric buttons, the large LCD display will give you a digital readout of the flow meter so that you can record your ideal brewing cycle.

The group head temperatures are independent and separate from the main boiler. This allows you to set the pressure of the steam to whatever you like without it having an impact on the brewing temperature.

Two hot water buttons can give you pre-set volumes of hot water. One hot water button for near boiling water and one button for a customisable hot water temperature. There is a cup warmer on top of the machine that can be set to various temperatures.

Access to programming is controlled by a user card. This card allows you to set many options on the machine and is also used to enter the group head washing cycle.

The extra long steam wands are easy to manoeuvre and are operated by a user friendly lever system.






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La Spaziale S40 Suprema

La Spaziale S40 - SUPREMA

This amazing looking La Spaziale S40 Suprema is a modification of the La Spaziale S40 Seletron. The Suprema is a mixture of the looks of the S40 and the S9 and is a stunning commercial espresso machine. The group heads are housed in a beautiful black casing and highlighted with very cool barista lights. The main display has been replaced with a digital temperature display and you have analog gauges for the steam pressure and the water pressure. There is only one hot water outlet however this is a mixed hot water outlet so you can customise the temperature.

The Suprema is ideal for those who like a top of the range espresso machine with the stunning looks yet do not need too many bells and whistles, just amazing coffee! The La Spaziale S40 has integrated ITC (Individual Temperature Control) to ensure you are brewing at consistent temperatures resulting in spot on espressos.

The side panels come in different colours, please see the brochure for more info.





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La Spaziale S9 DSP

La Spaziale S9 & La Spaziale S8 DSP

In 2017 La Spaziale decided to revamp the S9 and the DSP is it!

A modern look with a clear temperature display, beautiful side panels and a programmable hot water button. Stylish lights on the side of the machine show the current state of operation such as heating.

The eco function is also a new addition to the La Spaziale S9 DSP. This allows the barista to put the S9 DSP into an energy saving mode reducing the power consumption by 15%.

The DSP from La Spaziale has LEDs to illuminate the worktop.







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La Spaziale S5

La Spaziale S5

Looking for an espresso coffee machine that produces the finest espressos all day long with no hassle? Then the La Spaziale S5 is the right choice. This espresso machine is a work horse and has been designed to serve hundreds of coffees all day long. The popular choice for many coffee shop owners; the La Spaziale S5 has one of the most solid reputation in the coffee industry.






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La Spaziale S2

La Spaziale S2

Need a quality espresso machine that produces delicious coffees all day without spending a fortune? Then the La Spaziale S2 could be the best choice for you.

The S2 fits many budgets and is a very solid and reliable work horse that is being used by many satisfied owners all over the world.





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Coffee grinders

Grinders are often an afterthought and that is a real shame as the grinder has a huge impact on the quality of coffee that you will be serving. You need a grinder that not only gives a high quality of ground coffee but also a grinder that is fast, consistent and grinds fresh for every cup.

With our espresso coffee machines we include a top of the range Anfim on-demand grinder. These grinders grind straight into the group handle and grind fresh for every coffee. They are fast and very consistent. We always recommend on-demand coffee grinders over doser grinders (which store ground coffee in a dosing chamber) as on-demand grinders ensure each coffee is fresh and therefore more aromatic and more delicious.

Anfim Pratica On Demand Display

Anfim Pratica
On-Demand Stepless

Anfim Best On Demand EL

Anfim Best On Demand EL

Mahlkonig EK43

Mahlkonig EK43

Get in touch with us about your equipment enquiry

Please do get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you. We will respond quickly to your request and we will do our best to put together the ideal package for you. If you are completely new to coffee then please let us know and we will explain how it all works. We work with many new start ups and are used to helping people out from start to finish. We install espresso coffee machines every week all over the country.

We would of course love to meet up with you and have a coffee together to see what we can do for you.

Please note that we have a wide range of equipment available and can suit most realistic budgets. Bean to cup machines is not something we work with as we specialise in traditional espresso equipment only. This is simply because a traditional espresso machine gives the best flavour and provide the best environment for coffee shops who serve speciality coffee.

We provide the very best barista training with the machines which will ensure that you will truly impress your customers with a fantastic coffee. Don't just serve your customers a good cup of coffee, serve them a coffee that is worth shouting about! We would love to help you with this.

We can install equipment nationwide and do so every week with many happy returning customers.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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