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How To Run a Coffee Shop course

Do you own a coffee shop or have you just become a coffee shop manager? Need some help?!

We receive a lot of requests from customers who own coffee shops or have just managed to land their dream job of becoming a coffee shop manager to help them with the running of a coffee shop. So, we decided to develop a course!

Think about how useful it would be if there was a course that would focus purely on your job as a coffee shop manager. Learn what is involved in the day to day running of a cafe and become more confident in your own role.

Barista pouring coffee

Did you know that we have run and own coffee shops as well?

Part 1: Coffee

As a coffee shop manager you must be a competent barista. You might not need to be the best latte artist in the world however it is vital that you understand coffee and know how to ensure your coffee house is serving the best possible.

This is why a big part of the course is spent on barista training. You will learn the different types of coffees that are served, the various pieces of equipment and the background of how coffee is roasted and blended.

Our training center at our roastery is filled with the latest espresso machines and grinders; from relatively entry level machines to the very top of the range models.

Part 2: Theory

The theory side is about learning how to manage staff, i.e. managing a rota software, the recruitment process and the general idea behind leading a good team of baristas.

We will show how EPOS systems really work and how you can link this with your accounting software. What is KDS? How do ticket systems work? How does ordering from your table work? This will all be discussed.

Understand the importance of food hygiene and the regulations involved as well as learning about allergens and staff training when it comes to food handling.

Learn how the figures work. Understand all about profit margins, gross and net sales, vat deductions and returns, labour percentages, targets, waste percentage and much more. We will also show profit and loss accounts and explain how to hit the correct margins.

Marketing and advertising is also important. Learn how to promote your coffee house to the public who do not know you exist.

the Two Day course

Our How to run a coffee shop course is run as a one day or two day course. If you can, then give yourself a bit more time and book yourself on our two days course.

We cover the same topics however we have a bit more time to practise your barista skills and to work on your needs and of course you have another day to drink more delicious coffee.

Support after the course

Since 2008 we have been developing a support pack. This is a download that you will have access to. Our support pack is filled with serious useful information such as a comprehensive spreadsheet, budget plans, forecasting, rotas, layouts, menus, staff manuals and so much more.

Our support pack will be available to you after the course and will be kept up to date over time.

Reviews from our lovely customers

Limini's customer service, friendliness, knowledge and order dispatch times are all top class! Will definitely be ordering from them again

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What does 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 mean?
We only run private courses. Our courses are with you and your party.
For example, a 2-on-1 course means the two of you and our barista trainer. The price is for the total party.
One day course
How to run a coffee shop (1-on-1)
£295 + vat


How to run a coffee shop (2-on-1)
£395 + vat


Two day course
How to run a coffee shop (1-on-1)
£442 + vat


How to run a coffee shop (2-on-1)
£592 + vat



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