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The Latte art course

Latte art is art by a barista. It is one of the most interesting things in coffee! 'Latte' means 'milk' in Italian, so it is the art of milk.

Latte art can be done on any coffee that has milk in it, not just on lattes. Latte art can be done on cappuccinos, hot chocolates, macchiatos and mochas as well.

Our training centre is ideal for a latte art training course. We have plenty of amazing espresso machines and a large fridge that holds a lot of milk :)


We are passionate about great latte art here at Limini Coffee. For almost ten years now we have been teaching people this beautiful skill. We teach every day and have full time inhouse barista trainers.


What you will learn at a latte art training course

After you have mastered the milk steaming, we will teach you various patterns such as the heart, the rosetta and maybe even a bear.

steam milk to perfection

consistent milk temperature

no bubbles, smooth glossy foam

consistent amounts of foam

the heart

the rosetta

the tulip

Completed the latte art class last week, fantastic course ran by the lovely Ruth. So informative and the coffee tasted great too! No limits on the amount of milk and coffee used to practice new skills. Very friendly and professional organization, will be back to complete more courses. The course was followed up by an email allowing me to access training notes and hints and tips which I will find very helpful back home. Anyone thinking of getting into the world of coffee should give this firm a go! Great!! - John

Ideal for baristas

This course is very popular because learning how to steam milk perfectly is extremely important to baristas.

Most coffees served are milk based. Adding perfectly textured milk that is always consistently done by the barista results in very happy customers.

Joining a latte art course will help you to understand milk steaming better and you will become a better barista for sure.

Coffee training courses

The when and where

We are running latte art courses many days during the week. View our calendar for the dates.

The course is held at our dedicated training centre in Yorkshire.


Please view below for prices.

You can combine the barista and the latte art course, making it one full fantastic day!

Free pour and etching techniques

Free pour latte art is done with the movement of the jug alone. Etching is a latte art technique where you use something to draw pictures on top of coffee. For example, you could use the tip of a thermometer to draw a pattern on top of a coffee.

The Latte Art Training Course was a birthday present this year....and WOW, what a gift - fantastic! I had an amazing time and my perception of how easy it would be was blown away on the very first heart!! I take my hat off to the guys who do this on a daily basis and make it look so easy. I had a great time and the 3 hrs just flew by, and I did learn alot. Thanks Stuart for your patience and encouragement, the course was great fun. - Heather

During the latte art course we will mostly teach you free pouring techniques yet we can demonstrate some etching as well.

Latte art is important

So many reasons really. First of all, it makes the cappuccinos and lattes look very tasty.

Latte art also makes making coffee more fun. It is a great way to motivate baristas to learn more and to improve on their skills.

Serving latte art in your coffee business will impress your customers. It leaves an impression and shows that you care about what kind of coffee you are serving.

And finally, latte art promotes the hard work that baristas do.

Coffee training courses

Private course or a small group

Our latte art training course is run in a very small group with usually no more than four people. This gives you the perfect environment to learn in and to have lots of hands-on practice. You can also book the course as a private course if you wish.

Latte art training
3 hrs - £75 + vat

Latte art training (1-on-1)
3 hrs - £175 + vat

Latte art training (2-on-1)
3 hrs - £225 + vat

Course calendar and online booking

View all available dates and book this course online - nice and easy.

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