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Training courses overview & pricing

All our training courses are run by experienced, friendly and knowledgeable barista trainers. We take great pride in what we do and training is extremely important to us.

We will do our best to make sure you have a wonderful time, feel relaxed and learn exactly what you have come for. Our trainers teach full time and every day. We have built a training centre dedicated to our training courses.

The training centre is spacious with plenty of equipment and a workstation for each student. You can be assured to be working on a wide range of equipment with a trainer who really cares about your progress.

You can also buy a voucher for any course. Looking for something different? Please get in touch because we often run custom made courses.

Training courses for coffee

Having been on the receiving end of training courses for most of my working life, I can confidently say that this was one of the very best! Youri is an excellent trainer, imparting a huge amount of knowledge in an easily assimilable style, in well equipped surroundings with exactly the right amount of "hands on" work.

This has enhanced my love for coffee and saved me from making some very expensive mistakes in buying new equipment. The online manual is invaluable and I hope to be back for the advanced course before too long! Thank you Youri for a special afternoon. Douglas

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1-on-1 means 1 student and 1 trainer | 2-on-1 means 2 students and 1 trainer

All courses are run at our barista training centre in West Yorkshire


How To Start a Coffee Shop - Private Course
One Day or Two days

Our How to start a coffee shop course is either run as a one day or a two day course and is run privately with yourself and the trainer.

If you are looking to start a coffee shop or if you are thinking of a career change and you are wondering what is involved with the starting and running of a coffee shop then this course would be ideal for you.

We have been teaching this course for over ten years now and run the course every single day with our full time in-house trainers.

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Thank you so much for an amazing training session, I haven't laughed that much in ages it was really really fun! From the moment I entered I was made to feel very welcome the customer service is impeccable! I was on a class with one other women so very personalised and enabled thorough training covering everything from the roasting through to latte art.

I am much more of a tea person but no word of a lie the coffee tasted amazing!! I was unsure of which blend to choose for my new coffee business so Ruth had the 2 blends available for me to try, I settled on the Kata which is smooth and a great all rounder blend. I would highly recommend Limini coffee for training and supplies. Thank you all again so much for a truly amazing day!! - Sarah

Barista Training Course

Really fun course run by our experienced and very enthusiastic barista trainers. Work on some of the very best equipment in the coffee industry, brew the most amazing coffee and have a wonderful time at it. Very much a hands-on training course where you have your own work station.

Run in very small groups so you have lots of attention from the trainer. Many people who book this are coffee enthusiasts, beginners and partners who are sending their loved ones on a training course (so they can drink great coffee at home).

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Barista and Latte Art with Youri. The premises are fantastic, with some beautiful La Spaziale (and other) grinders and coffee machines. The Limini blend makes the most amazing coffee all day. We made filter coffee from freshly roasted beans, espresso macchiato, latte art with flowers and teddy bears, coffee drawn up through a siphon, ristretto, single shots, double shots, shots though a naked (training/bottomless) porta filter, hot chocolate, affogato, tea, flat whites and cappuccinos, and every single time was as good as the first.

I'm writing this as I drink my first flat white of the day, resplendent with leaf latte art, preceded by a breakfast espresso and mid-morning cappuccino. I couldn't recommend this enough to anyone with a passion for great coffee. Thanks to all at Limini - Jon.

Latte Art Training Course

Steam milk, pour milk, steam milk, pour milk etc etc. Lots and lots of coffee making is done during our latte art course.

You will be steaming away, making drink after drink and at the same time learn all about creating the very best microfoam to pour latte art in the shapes of hearts, rosettas and tulips.

A little knowledge about coffee is helpful but not necessary.

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I booked two 1-on-1 courses that took place over the course of 3 days with Luke. Everything surpassed my expectations on pretty much every level, from the level of knowledge and valuable help that Luke gave me to the large, clean and modern facility in Cleckheaton.

As someone who is starting a coffee shop having never worked in the industry before the courses have been invaluable in helping me plan and feel ready to enter the industry. Overall I cannot thank everyone at Limini enough for welcoming me and making me feel incredibly comfortable and excited to learn.

All of this as well as the resources and future help they offer after the courses make Limini the best choice for anyone wanting to learn barista skills or for anyone curious about opening their own store they are incredible. Thank you so much to everyone, especially Luke who made the whole experience not only incredibly informative and engaging but fun and relaxed as well. - George Hobden

Advanced Barista Training

Ready to take it to the next step? The advanced barista course is where we go in to even more detail and work to truly understand the science behind coffee.

We measure, we weigh, we extract a lot and we have a good time while doing it. Drink some distinctive coffees that you do not taste every day. Best for people who have been on a barista course with us in the past.

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Wholesale Training Course

free training for wholesale customers only

Anyone who is thinking of setting up a coffee shop or just has an interest in coffee should go on one of these courses without a doubt! I've just spent a fantastic couple of days learning about the business side of setting up a coffee shop and also how to make GREAT coffee.

I particularly liked how Youri persevered with us to ensure that we mastered each aspect of making the coffee so that we got a great result at the end. I also really liked the relaxed approach to teaching us the important business stuff and the great tips you can only get from someone with lots of experience. Overall the course was very informative but also super fun! Youri was so helpful and friendly and one thing's for sure, you'll want to get your coffee shop up and running ASAP as you won't want to go back to drinking 'normal' coffee again once you've tried Limini's! - Gill

What training does

Training can have a big impact on your coffees, whether you are joining a course for professional reasons or just because you are looking to improve on your coffee at home.. Please do not underestimate the power of a great cup of coffee. It makes people happy :)

Espressos with a weak crema and a bitter flavour become rich and smooth with a thick healthy crema that can be enjoyed even without sugar.

Bad espressoGood espresso

Black coffees that taste watery and flavourless become a joy to drink with a full flavour throughout and a good crema on top.

Bad AmericanoGood Americano

Cappuccinos with fluffy bubbly foam become beautiful deep flavoured cappuccinos with a smooth microfoam and a delicious rich sweet flavour.

Bad cappuccinoCappuccino with heart

Your steamed milk will not have big bubbles anymore and you will be steaming milk consistently with the correct amount of foam and the same beautiful texture every time.

Bad milkGood milk

Your pucks will be solid and come out with ease. No more messy and watery pucks. More importantly, you will completely understand the how and the why.

Bad puckGood puck

We can tailor a course just for you

We are flexible and can offer you a tailored made course as well. For example, if you are looking for a private one on one course with the focus on brewing coffee at home then we can do this for you.

Looking to improve on your espresso? How about a dedicated private course with the focus on espresso. Talk to us, we can accommodate almost any training enquiry.

Please speak to us, we would love to help!




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