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Vostok - The Future of Espresso Machines

In the realm of coffee aficionados, the debate over the best espresso machine often centers on the classic lever espresso machine, versus its modern counterparts. While automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines offer convenience and consistency, lever espresso machines stand out for their timeless appeal and unique brewing process. Let's delve into the advantages of the Vostok lever espresso machine and why it may be the perfect machine for you.

Lever Espresso coffee machines

Hands-On Craftsmanship

Lever espresso machines epitomise the artistry and craftsmanship in the coffee-making process. Unlike automatic machines that rely on electronic pumps and controls, lever machines put the power in the hands of the barista. Pulling a shot of espresso with a lever machine involves a hands-on experience, where the barista manually pulls a shot to apply the pressure to the coffee grounds, allowing for a more theatrical extraction. Not only this, but being in control of the pre-infusion of the extraction allows for the ultimate control in the espresso flavour.

Consistency in Temperature

Temperature stability is paramount in espresso extraction, as variations can significantly impact the flavor profile of the final brew. Our Vostok lever espresso machine excels in maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the brewing cycle. This multi-boiler machine allows for the ultimate control and ability to adjust at the touch of a button.

Durability and Longevity

Lever espresso machines are renowned for their robust construction and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials they are built to withstand the rigors of daily use in commercial settings. . With fewer moving parts and reliance on manual operation, lever machines often outlast their automatic counterparts, making them a wise investment for coffee enthusiasts seeking longevity and reliability in their espresso equipment.

Lever Espresso coffee machines

We believe the very best tasting coffee is possible through a lever machine, The main reason for this being due to the natural way in which the pressure changes over the extraction of the shot. On most automatic machines, there is a rotary pump that is forcing the water through the coffee grounds at a consistent 9 bars of pressure. The advantage of the lever machine is that the pressure is created through the opening-up of a spring. This means that the pressure is reducing over the extraction. As the delicious flavours are taken from the espresso, the coffee 'puck' is degrading. This gradual drop in pressure means that less of the undesirable flavour compounds make it into the cup: an espresso that is smoother, less bitter and more delicious!

Pre-infusion is done without a pump. The Vostok opens a valve to allow mains water pressure to pre-infuse the puck. The pressure can be programmed by the easy to use touch display. We usually brew at 2 bar pre-infusion pressure for about two seconds.

Modern Features

Many of the current lever machines on the market lack the additional features we have become accustomed to from the automatic machines of the present. That's where the Vostok comes into its own. With the Vostok's in-built shot-timers for every extraction, digital temperature control, multi-boiler system and even customisable volume settings, we now have a truly stunning machine with the visual impact of levers as well as the mod-cons needed to be fully in control of your espresso recipe. The volume of water going through your espresso can be pre-set either based on time or pressure. Not only this but you can have more than one programmable volume. This is not something seen in many lever machines. The beauty of this design is due to the Vostok having a three-way valve in each group that, like automatic machines, will open at the end of the shot, removing any over-pressure and avoids coffee-sneezing (if you know, you know). Gone are the days of 'waiting' for the pressure to disperse.


The three-way valve is one way in which the Vostok is a safer machine than the traditional levers on the market, avoiding the coffee sneezing when the group handle is removed. There is also a 'release' button on each group to allow you to stop the extraction at any moment and release any residual pressure in the handle. What is more, the Vostok has a Safety System in place. Normally, the levers on lever machines can 'bang' backward if there is no coffee present, maybe taking a chin or two out on the way. This can be harmful to the barista but also harmful to the machine. The Vostok has some extremely clever engineering that will resist the lever throwing itself back quickly and slowly move up to its resting position as well as engage the three way valve if needed. Wow!

Timeless Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond the functional advantages,the Vostok lever espresso machine exudes a timeless charm and aesthetic appeal that transcends trends and fads. With its elegant and minimalist design, reminiscent of vintage espresso machines from decades past, lever machines add a touch of sophistication to any coffee shop. Their sleek and streamlined silhouette, coupled with intricate details such as polished chrome accents, wooden handles and coloured powder-coat, makes them not just a tool for brewing coffee but also a statement piece that elevates the coffee experience.

So, why the Vostok?

In an era dominated by automation and convenience, the Vostok lever espresso machine offers a refreshing departure from the modern world. The Vostok celebrates the time-honored tradition of manual espresso brewing while incorporating modern innovations to enhance performance and usability. Whether you're a seasoned barista or an aspiring home coffee enthusiast, embracing the art of lever espresso brewing opens up a world of possibilities and rewards, where each shot of espresso becomes a testament to craftsmanship, precision, and passion.

Get in touch to visit us at our roastery and get hands-on with the future of lever machines - the Vostok!

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